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Many New London area homeowners possess basic knowledge of how to prep and paint the interior of their homes. They understand all of the factors involved in a successful paint project including the use of drop colors, tape, and paint application. However, in order to complete a successful painting project, there are additional painting measures that can be taken to ensure the greatest results. In this month’s article, the professional New London interior painting contractors at DiNardo Painting have complied a list of tips that you can follow, which will save you time and money and ensure that your painting project is a success.

  1. Avoid allowing your paint to dry out. If your can of paint is half full, you run the risk of your paint drying out. A simple trick that will help you to avoid this is to place golf balls into the paint can, which will fill up the remaining space. It is then recommend to seal the can tightly and then store the can upside down.
  2. Utilize the proper primer. If your painting project involves covering new drywall, it is recommended to use a water-based primer, which will cover any existing flaws on the surface, as well as give you a level base before painting. If your project involves painting over surfaces such as paneling, or walls that require restoration from smoke or water damage, you should consider using an oil-based primer.
  3. Add texture to your painting surface. If are interested in adding texture to your surfaces, select a longer paint roller that has the capacity to hold additional paint. You also have the option of using a premixed paint, which comes in textures, such as suede, sand and stone. These textured paints are easy to use and are applied with a standard paint roller, although you may need to use a paintbrush for edges and corners.
  4. Don’t wash your brushes or rollers. If you are utilizing a latex based paint, it is not necessary to clean your brushes or rollers in between the days of your project. Cool temperatures will keep your latex paint from drying, so at the end of your work day you can wrap your paint brushes in plastic and place them into your refrigerator. However, when you begin painting the next day, make sure that your brushes are room temperature before using them again

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