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When the time has arrived to add a fresh coat of paint to your New Haven area home exterior or interior, there are several reasons why it will be beneficial for you to hire a professional painting company. If you do not posses the proper experience or painting tools, painting your home can be a difficult and often strenuous home improvement venture. You can potentially make mistakes that will leave the finished painting project unappealing and leave damages to your furniture or floors. The New Haven home painters at DiNardo Painting can assist you in successfully painting the interior or exteriors of residential or commercial property.

We have listed below a few advantages you can look forward to enjoying if you employ DiNardo Painting for your painting requirements:

You will save time. Taking the time to reposition your furniture, removing paintings or wall decorations, applying tape to your window, door, and ceiling edges, and going to the store to purchase all of the necessary supplies can be a heavy burden to most people. This doesn’t even include the arduous task of actually applying multiple layers of paint to your surfaces.

Painting can cause a great deal of physical and mental stress. To properly paint the interior and exteriors of your home, a great deal of preparation and planning will be required. Your time is valuable and all of the preparation and work involved in painting will take away from other responsibilities that you may have to deal with. Hiring a professional New Haven House Painter to deal with each component of preparation, painting, and cleanup, will allow you to take care of your daily tasks, which will relieve your stress levels.

You will receive high quality painting craftsmanship. If you do not possess experience painting, you may not be aware of how difficult it can be to paint clean lines without causing damage to your floors, furniture, and fixtures. Understanding the proper methods of taping edges and knowing which type of brush or roller will be most effective for your surfaces will make a very great impact on the appearance of the finish painting project. Hiring a professional New Haven House Painter, will give you the assurance that your project will successfully completed.

Enhancing the appearance of the interior and exterior of your home will have a great impact on its visual appeal and market value. With locations in New London and New Haven, DiNardo Painting have been providing professional painting services for home and business owners for almost twenty years. It’s our goal to build trusted, long term relationships by providing professional high quality interior and exterior painting services and a true dedication to each of our client’s personal needs and goals. With Hundreds of residential and commercial painting projects in our portfolio, we have an established client roster that speaks to the quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing we deliver on every project. Contact us today to scheudle a no-cost estimate and consultation!

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