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DiNardo Painting are commercial and industrial painting contractors in Norwich, CT that provide painting services tailored to the needs of commercial and industrial facilities. Our Norwich Commercial Painting Contractors focus on larger, more complex, and often more specialized painting projects.

Key attributes of our commercial and industrial painting contractors in Norwich, CT:

Commercial Painting Contractors in Norwich, CT:

  1. Scope: Our commercial painting contractors primarily focus on painting projects in non-residential and commercial settings. These may include office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial properties.
  2. Interior and Exterior: We may be hired to paint both the interior and exterior of commercial buildings. We can handle tasks such as wall painting, trim work, surface preparation, and decorative finishes.
  3. Aesthetics: In commercial settings, the focus is often on aesthetics and creating an inviting, professional, and visually appealing space. Commercial painters work to meet the design and branding preferences of their clients.
  4. Materials: We work with a wide range of paint materials and finishes, including water-based and solvent-based paints, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints, and specialty coatings.
  5. Size of Projects: Our commercial painting projects can vary in size, from small office spaces to large shopping centers or industrial office complexes.

Industrial Painting Contractors in Norwich, CT:

  1. Scope: Our Norwich industrial painting contractors are specialized in painting large industrial facilities, such as factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants, chemical plants, and other heavy industrial sites.
  2. Specialized Coatings: Industrial painting often involves the application of specialized coatings and paints designed to protect surfaces from corrosion, chemical exposure, extreme temperatures, and other harsh conditions. This includes epoxy coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, and high-temperature coatings.
  3. Surface Preparation: Surface preparation is crucial in industrial painting, as it ensures proper adhesion of coatings and long-term durability. We are skilled in techniques such as sandblasting, abrasive blasting, and other surface preparation methods.
  4. Safety: Our Industrial painting projects typically involve stringent safety measures due to the often hazardous industrial environments. We adhere to safety regulations to protect workers and the surrounding environment.
  5. Maintenance and Restoration: We are often involved in maintenance and restoration projects to protect and extend the life of industrial equipment, structures, and storage tanks.
  6. Size of Projects: Industrial painting projects are typically larger in scale, and they require specialized equipment, such as high-reach equipment for painting tall structures or storage tanks.

Our commercial and industrial painting contractors serve different sectors and have distinct areas of expertise. We focus on aesthetics and painting in non-residential settings, while industrial painters specialize in large-scale projects that require specialized coatings and a strong emphasis on durability, safety, and maintenance.

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