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If you are planning on hiring a Connecticut house painting professional to paint the exterior of your home, you must understand that it isn’t a project that can be performed at any given time if the year. There are many factors to take into account when choosing the most opportune time to perform exterior house painting projects. The speed and effectiveness in which your paint dries will be directly related to the temperature and the weather conditions during the paint application process.

The most opportune weather condition will consist of warm days that don’t contain a great deal of humidity and of coarse rain. You should also take the time to view the weather report for a period of 3-4 days before you begin your painting project, as well as 3-4 days after the project is completed. You should also take into consideration the temperatures and weather there will be a great deal of fluctuation in levels between day and night time. If a sudden temperature drop occurs overnight, the paint will not effectively stick to the surface of the exterior of your home, which can lead to cracking and pealing.

As experienced painting contractors in New London, Connecticut understand all too well, consistent warm and dry weather can be difficult to find in the early spring and fall seasons. The early spring months of April and May might offer a tease of warmer weather, however temperatures can easily drop below freezing once the sun goes down. Since the majority exterior paint products requires a temperature of at least 40 degrees to property adhere, Connecticut painting contractors risk cracking and peeling if they paint during late fall or early spring seasons. Waiting to hire a professional exterior house painter until the moderate temperatures of of spring, summer, or early fall have arrived will produce the greatest results.

Studies have indicated that the best temperature range for painting outdoors with a latex based paint is between 50° to 85° F. Painting in 85°+ temperatures runs the risk of your painting drying too fast, which can lead to brush marks or lumps of of paint on the surface. Painting when temperatures are too brisk can cause the paint to not adhere well to the surface, resulting in cracking and peeling.

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